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Jan Heslop

Chief Data Architect at UK Intellectual Property Office


Contact info
Hi, I am Jan Heslop. On 1 August, I joined the IPO’s Chief Data Office as Chief
Data Architect.
A Civil Servant in the MOD for 391⁄2 years, 34 of which were in IT for the
Logistics business function. My initial roles were Programmer, Analyst and
Project Manager but for the last 25 years, I have done a variety of Data roles. I
am excited to bring my knowledge and experience of governing, architecting
and integrating data to aid business in gaining better insights from their data,
and using my Relationship Management skills, hope to help make the Data
Team and the Transformation Programme a great success.
I live in Brackley, Northants (where my husband works) and in Salford,
Greater Manchester with my 28 year old son, Jonathon. I am an ardent
knitter, who loves a bargain, socialising and food. I like going to the cinema
and theatre (Les Misérables 8 times). I enjoy spending time with friends and
family, playing board games and cards. A keen traveller, with many friends in
the US, I can’t wait to go again after a 3 year ‘pause’ but this break has
allowed me to explore more of Britain, finding a love for the Northumberland
coast. I very much look forward to meeting and working with you.
Call me anytime.