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Islam Ibrahim

Head of Data Analytics Products


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With 25 years of experience, Islam has been enabling various organisations to be data-driven and achieve sustainable growth. As a Data Leader with extensive experience embedding data in the heart of the organisation's daily decision-making, strategically aligned to top-line business objectives. This is backed up by his expertise playing various data roles across public and private sectors in different capacities and different parts of the world.

Leading a large intelligent client organisation of more than 150 data professionals, Islam's teams build and run various data intelligence products including Data Visualisation, Data Search, Data Risking, Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Services. He has a proven track record of successful delivery of data analytics products that directly impacted the business in terms of growth and cost savings. He also has a successful record in contributing influential aspects to the thinking and developing of the business data strategy and the full involvement in leading the delivery through my teams.

Islam is very passionate about product-oriented data organisation and has a deep understanding and hands-on experience in building effective and efficient data management and engineering organisations. Another passion is about innovation and continuous improvement of data products while maintaining high-quality delivery and resilient live data services.