Andrew Newman

Head of Data and Information Access



Andrew leads Defra’s Data and Information Access team.  The team provide technology and professional services to help people find and access collections of data and information, including: geospatial data, environmental statistics, transparency data, and library resources (print and digital).  Andrew and his team also provide leadership and advisory across Defra in areas including open data and data sharing, libraries, data acquisition, geospatial and data cataloguing and discovery.

Andrew is currently leading the replacement of Defra group’s Data Services Platform ( He is developing more robust policies and processes as part of an emerging Defra group Data and Information Management Framework. And he is establishing projects to replace Defra’s library management systems and modernise Defra’s geospatial technology services.

Andrew is a people centred leader and focuses on building successful, happy, teams that deliver, and continuously improve, services that users want to use. Andrew specialises in bringing people together from across organisations to solve problems collaboratively and efficiently. Andrew delivers engagement and communications campaigns that stakeholders buy in to.

Andrew is currently exploring the application of ITIL principles and practices to improve delivery of data as a service and is exploring the potential role for librarians to support the long-term curation and management of data.

Outside work Andrew is the treasurer of a large Scout Group in Sheffield and sits on the Group’s executive board, he enjoys walking and biking with his family and has recently taken up running. 

Contact Details
Andrew works from home in Sheffield, UK.
Twitter: @andnewman