Responsible Data Sharing

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Robin Sutara

Field CTO


From repairing Apache helicopters near the Korean DMZ to the corporate battlefield, Robin has demonstrated success of navigating the high stress, and sometimes combative, complexities of data-led transformations. She has consulted with hundreds of organisations on data strategy, data culture, and building diverse data teams.
Robin has had an eclectic career path in technical and business functions with more than two decades in tech companies, including Microsoft and Databricks. She also has achieved multiple academic accomplishments from her undergraduate to a juris doctorate to a masters in law to engineering leadership certification - perpetually on a journey of learning.
Reece Saint

Data Scientist


Ask me about my current projects on: PDF text extraction; Entity Matching; Document Classification.

Quantitative analyst with a background in experimental quantum physicist. Experienced mathematician, researcher and data cruncher with technical skills in Matlab, R and Mathematica. Studying Python and Scala in application to Data Science, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Maria Dalhage

Head, Open Data Network, Swedish Civil Service


About the session
Data sharing is one of the critical enablers for all five missions of the National Data Strategy. Government is federated by design to deliver specialised services for citizens. However, the challenge of federation is lacking a complete view when needing to make decisions based on cross government data. With the increasingly dynamic political environment, up to date cross government data is needed for real time decisions.
  • How to responsibly share data with governance built in
  • Blending core and edge data & making sense of third party data
  • The role of synthetic and open data in creating improved data products
  • Reducing the 'time-to-value' in data