Cross-Government Functions

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Bandhu Das

Head of Data Transformation at Defra


Deepak Shukla

Data and Analytics Lead, AWS Public Sector, UKI


Deepak Shukla leads AWS Data and Analytics business in UK and Ireland for Public Sector. He has over 16 years of management consulting experience leading and delivering digital transformation programmes enabled by cloud, data and analytics. He is passionate about transforming and enabling business value for his clients through adoption of advanced analytics use-cases, data products and modern AI/ML/Data-led platforms helping them become data driven
Renata Oszast

Director General


Renata Oszast is Director General at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

About the session
The Government's "Review of the Cross-Cutting Functions and the Operation of Spend Controls", and the resulting Declaration on Government Reform, put data centre stage for joined-up delivery across the Civil Service. How should data leaders respond to this mandate?
  • How can data be used to enable cross-government collaboration and service delivery? What kind of data sharing mechanisms and data infrastructure are necessary to support cross-government functions and services?
  • How can data be used to promote interoperability and standardisation across different government agencies and departments? What kind of data governance frameworks and data standards are necessary to ensure that data is consistent, accurate, and reliable?
  • How can data be used to support more integrated and holistic service delivery models that take into account the needs and preferences of citizens across different government functions? What kind of data analytics and machine learning tools are necessary to support these models?
  • How can data be used to promote greater efficiency and cost savings across different government functions and services? 
  • How can data be used to measure and evaluate the impact of cross-government functions and services on key outcomes such as citizen satisfaction, efficiency, and effectiveness? What kind of metrics and performance indicators should be used, and how can we ensure that they are meaningful and reliable?